General George Van Mosley, “Army General Exposes Jews”, 1939

Here is a famous WW1 US General speaking out against the jewish conspiracy in front of Congress on June 1st, 1939.



“All subversive activities are largely dependent upon false propaganda. The latest case of such propaganda is in connection with the war just closed in Spain, where, our sympathies were worked upon in the interest of the so-called Loyalist government, one of the vilest governments in all history, now that the curtain has been raised and we see the complete picture. During the progress of that war, the press would not accept anything to the contrary. From coast to coast our people were fed with the most unfortunate kind of propaganda. With the war over, what are the facts? I quote the following from one of our National dailies:

“It took the last days of the Spanish war to strip the mask of democracy off the face of Communism In the so-called ‘Loyalist’ Government.”

“The cleverly named ‘Loyalists’ had a lot of people deceived for a long time, particularly in the United States. But when the last vestige of ideological camouflage and, subterfuge has been removed, the fact that Communists had been running the Loyalist government of Spain stands out clearly and incontrovertibly.” ” – General George Van Horn Mosley, 1939


“The war now proposed is for the purposes of establishing Jewish hegemony throughout the world.” – General George Van Horn Mosley, 1939


“We do not have to vote for a dictatorship to have one in America….We have merely to vote increased government responsibility for our individual lives, increased government authority over our daily habits, and the resultant Federal paternalism will inevitably become dictatorship.” – General George Van Horn Mosley


“Every loyal American citizen will support all efforts of your Committee to save and preserve our great Republic by such a frank and thorough exposure of the truth about existing conditions that the people will be on the alert against both revolution and counter-revolution, either of which would jeopardize our Republic’s future. Our Republic must not be permitted to be taken over by either Semitism or anti-Semitism. Discrimination or persecution against either Jews or non-Jews is contrary to fundamental Americanism,
and this not withstanding the undeniable fact that bur Republic is founded upon the Christian philosophy, of life, and has been, on that account, properly called a Christian Nation.  
Yet it is obviously absurd, and courting national disaster for us to sanction or permit dual or divided loyalties on the part of any group. Consequently, it
is self-evident that those Jews who affiliate with organized world Jewry and thereby accept the status of being its nationals, as proclaimed by Brandeis, should be denied office-holding, suffrage and all other citizenship rights in the American Republic, just the same as we would deny such rights to nationals of Nazi Germany or any other Nation or Nationality.
If American patriots are to be further harassed and persecuted as un-American, merely because of their efforts to make known to the public the real truth about the nature and character of organized World Jewry, we should hang a sign on the Statue of Liberty saying:

“Un-American Activities Welcomed. American Activities
Tabooed.” ” – General George Van Horn Mosley




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